jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Maldita dulzura la suya.

Eras, eres y serás un  bonito precipicio donde  amar. Posiblemente tus manos no hayan detectado toda locura confesada bajo tus labios, pero quién sabe, hay susurros mudos y vacíos que corrompen el alma más allá de lo establecido. Cómo no ser discípula de tus manos, si en cada embestida de tus dedos flacos, agoniza cada uno de mis sentidos dejándome en un  estado moribundo y dependiente. Debajo de tu ombligo se encuentra todo lo prohíbido, todos mis gemidos, todos mis suspiros...

Me sentí cómoda en su pecho.

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  1. Anónimo14/10/11

    He was not longer by my door,
    he i sing alone,so as i slept i felt him go,
    i missed the feeling of your...
    i might not last the day i´ll...
    i saw your face,crying as i walk away,
    there´ll be hell today around us,
    hear me say,that will be hell today.
    your painful mind,
    still is music to the world,
    because i saw from you you´re not alone,
    i know,i guess it´s feels to heavy now,
    but i am sure,when i got close you feel like home,
    but not that home,
    no,not that kind of home.
    No light was in your room,
    if i could share,
    i will share all about you´re emptiness,
    reminds me then,
    that i´ll falling close to you,
    returns no more,
    i will not watch i felt you go,
    if i could let you know,
    how you hold my heart that way,
    i´d rather be doing that painful good,
    when i get there,
    you drank that much you can´t se yourself,
    i know you´re up when i got here,
    i whondering why doesn't means anything to your dreams,
    but like i told many times,
    happiness is from those who...
    and those who...
    brings to another only themselves,
    nothing more and nothing less,
    one long pause,i sing alone,painful look,
    would you be wise to let that go?,
    i don´t know,
    but don´t tell me that i was not,
    i was not singing in that kitchen,
    making those from you call peaches,
    i read all of them,
    never answer all those through your mind or heart,
    i might not be last time any nice princess,
    never was my duty,never will be,
    but i was fair,i was truth,i was...
    i know that i hurt you to get you get better,
    you will see that,i don´t know if you saw,
    but i was noy that pilote and i knew what you were,that was that teardrop from you,
    scream,crying,but silence.
    You are closer than you think,
    but far as you don´t know,
    lost in my own skin,afraid from something,
    even you know very well what it is,
    well i sing alone,
    i guess no earthly ships will brimg him back,
    but i´ll not watch the ocean to fool me,
    i will let the days by and rather be happy,
    about who i am and what life will bring me,
    because life is wise enough,
    to make us learn about everything,
    like i learn from you too.
    Stop doing those profiles from the moon,
    they never got close from that,
    i met her last night,
    only one was the truth,
    that..,(she still miss me)

  2. Me encanta tu blooooooooog, te sigo sin duda
    te espero por mi blog, un besaazooo lindaaaaaaaaa